Valve Management System (VMS)

At Industrial Valve, our ongoing effort is to provide our customers with superior technology and a comprehensive array of valve-related services. Valve Management System or VMS is a proprietary electronic documentation and test / repair notification system. Industry changes and customer needs are reflected in VMS’ features as the system is consistently monitored for accuracy and adds / updates features. VMS provides enhanced flexibility and accessibility, with input screens which are identical to paper travelers. A compatible Windows?-based format is utilized to provide customers a user-friendly, easily accessible experience

VMS Capabilities include:
  • Associate picture files and attachment features.
  • Customize field names as determined by customer.
  • Search records based on PSV / Tag Number, Serial Number, Date Tested, Area or IVS Job Number.
  • Filter views of data to limit returned results by PSV number, IVS Job Number, date(s) or area.
  • Single Valve History, Multiple Valve History by Area, or Total Valve Inventory Surveys.
  • Survey features also include an Index Page available for export.
  • Print / Save reports for:
  • PVT (Pressure Valve Tester)
  • Safety, Pilot, Pressure / Vacuum Valves
  • Manual Valves
  • Control / Actuator
  • Rupture Discs / Flame Arrestors
  • Customer Operations Manual is available in a PDF format for download to guide new users on VMS navigation and features.
  • Training Seminars available upon request.

Since VMS is a web-based application, you’ll have secure access to test reports and other important data from any computer, giving you more flexibility to stay on top of your critical records. Simply by logging in with your username and password (provided by VMS Administrator), you’ll be able to:

  • View Critical Valve Data for a specified Owner / Plant.
  • Receive notifications upon logging in on Next Maintenance Intervals.
  • Export Surveys, Areas, or other valve information into an Excel? spreadsheet

Proper documentation is an integral part of any business. Let us take the guess work out of record keeping and eliminate time consuming and costly hassles of information verification associated with audits. VMS stores up to 5 years’ worth of data on each entry for all of our customers. The design is to create a history of the valve, and thereby correctly calculating and notifying customers and IVS of test and maintenance intervals. Once all critical data has been approved by the Customer we can barcode the valve for a more efficient inventory process.

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Industrial Valve - Valve Management System

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