Investment Recovery

The Industrial Valve “Investment Recovery Program” has been a very important aid in the fight against rising cost of valve repair and replacement. This program has assisted large companies such as E.I DuPont, International Paper, US Steel, and BP Amoco in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in valve replacement costs. The Investment Recovery Program is designed so that the greater the numbers of valves a company has accumulating in the pool, the more money they save.


How is the Investment Recovery program implemented?
  • The customer gathers all used valves from each area of the plant and places them in one location
  • IVS will come to your facility and document all repairable valves
  • The valves will then be sent to Industrial Valve
  • Once at IVS, a more comprehensive inventory will be taken. The valves are numbered and placed into your Investment Recovery Pool
  • All valve inventory information is entered into the Investment Recovery software system where it is accessible by all of your pertinent personnel via the internet, after proper log in is provided
  • IVS will have ample storage space with floor to ceiling racks to allow for storage of the pool valves. They will be separated by size and orifice, and categorized in the Investment Recovery System

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Industrial Valve - Investment Recovery

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